If you haven't heard this live 2002 boot of the song, please indulge yourself immediately.

I've been listening to this so much lately, that solo is absolutely terrific, it feels like the Green era's take at an elated Falling For You-esque solo, it's stunning.

Oh Green, what could have been...

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Thanks a bunch.

That was amazing, and this one would've been a far greater Green Album closer than the original.


I'm thinking.. they should remake The Green Album with a rougher sound, better solos and dropped half a step. Some of the weaker songs could be replaced with demos/b-sides from that era and such.


Not that the current Green Album isn't great, but with these improvements it could be in line with Blue and Pinkerton. Seriously.

I agree Aus, I listen to Green and I hear fantastic content, unrealized execution. It'd be awesome to hear vocal performances that are worthy of those melodies (akin to the Don't Let Go 2005 AOL performance), reworked solos/guitar tones/flourishes and mixing that doesn't squeeze the soul out of the tracks. This has been one of my true cream dreams for quite some time now, but it's also my most far fetched one unfortunately.

That being said, Rivers has said that "all pain recedes in the studio" so this might be the perfect excuse to go into the studio, especially since Green's 10 year anniversary is coming up in May. Come on Rivers, make it happen!

thanks a bundle.

i like this sawng.

You're right, that was great!
I very much like this.

lol...  Just posted a topic on this and it got closed... hmm...  I think the Green album would be perhaps my favorite Weezer album but it had a few flaws that ranked it lower than most, that being production and song choice...  There are so many more amazing songs I would have put on there.


1. Don't Let Go (AOL Sessions style)

2. Photograph (Alternate mix)

3. Hash Pipe

4. Island in the Sun

5. Starlight

6. Knock-Down Drag-Out

7. I Do

8. Always

9. Smile (Piano version)

10. O Girlfriend (a la live version)


That would've been the ideal tracklisting, but now we need raw, unproduced versions.  Karl has even said the Green album is sterile now, but before it was overly-compressed and produced, it was raw and amazing, a la live versions.  So now, reworking it would be cool for the deluxe...


1. Don't Let Go (AOL Session style)

2. Photograph (With guitar more un-muted like the live b-side)

3. Hash Pipe

4. Island in the Sun (I LOVE the 2009 live version but can't rly replace this version)

5. Crab

6. Knock-Down Drag-Out

7. Smile (Piano version!  Me gusta!!)

8. Simple Pages

9. Glorious Day

10. O Girlfriend (Same key and rawer, less produced like that live version)

I'm glad people are enjoying this. It'd be nice if this could find its way back into Weezer sets, I think this was the last time it was played.


It's cool to know you agree with me on a few points there Radioactive. Even the most baked song on the album (Island in the Sun imo) has its flaws, have you ever noticed how buried the "ooo" backing vocals are in the mix? If they were upped a bit that'd be another fantastic facet to a song that's brimming with them.

you're right, solo is great, especially from 3:00 on

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