so i was nosing around the board and i noticed an option to switch between flat and threaded views. several people (myself included) have complained that the threaded view is less user-friendly than the flat view and makes threads harder to read and discussions harder to follow. also, the quote facility that was here for a little while has been absent since about the time the board went public.


i've clicked on 'flat' view and all replies now go at the end of the thread and the person at whom the reply is directed is now quoted. is everyone OK with this? i'm guessing someone set it to threaded for a specific reason and i don't mean to step on anyone's toes by changing it but several boardies have asked if it could be changed to flat view/quote facility reinstated. if it's a big issue, please feel free to change it back :)


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I personally enjoy it better this way. I knew that you could change it, but I too assumed it was changed for a reason. However, maybe it was just someone screwing around with it too haha.

Anyway, like it better this way.


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