I think mine was Buddy Holly, but just to be safe, let's say Hash Pipe (I was born in 93, so I wasn't around when Weezer first released "Blue").

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undone the sweater song, sometime in 1994 in the car on the way back from a keyclub meeting with all my friends who had already heard the song before. fairly significant moment actually
Probably was Undone, along with the video back when mtv still played those things... but i vividly remember spending time with my friends singing the words to buddy holly and say it aint so (i actually sent away for the lyrics to the address in the liner notes way back when...)
Buddy Holly.
It always used to be on the music channels when I was younger (I'm only 18 now)
Buddy Holly
Actually you WERE around. Blue was released 1994.
I was very weird as a child... I would wake up every morning at 4am and waited for mom to leave for work. Then, I would turn on VH1's Insomniac, which had music videos on from 4 to 7. Beverly Hills was on there pretty much every day, even when We Are All On Drugs and Perfect Situation's music videos were released.
i guess it was Island In The Sun
Undone on MTV. It really wigged me out....in a good way
Buddy Holly, its also one of my favorite weezer songs.
Say it Ain't so was the first i heard that I knew was weezer, Beverly Hills was the first i ever heard
The first songs that got me hooked were Jonas and Undone(the sweater song) They are my favourite songs to this day, Jonas will always be my ringtune
hup hup... when your on a holiday. Island in the sun was the first song i listened to and i still love it

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