I think mine was Buddy Holly, but just to be safe, let's say Hash Pipe (I was born in 93, so I wasn't around when Weezer first released "Blue").

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Buddy Holly. I was seven. It was on the Windows 95 disc that had videos showing how cool this new format called AVI was. It also had a video by Eddie Brickell, a trailer for Rob Roy and the Buddy Holly video. It's funny because I remember I watched a ton of Happy Days on Nick at Nite and thought that was an actual clip from the show. A little later, I saw Weezer had another video on MTV and thought how the hell can that be? Weren't they in some Happy Days episodes from the 60's?...I was young mind you.
Heard two minutes of Buddy Holly on a crappy chart countdown show on UK tv, my bro went and bought the blue album the next day
I'm amazed how many people were introduced to band by Buddy Holly on the Windows 95 CD, and I am another that got into band through that. Only seen them live twice, but dying to see them again sometime soon, hopefully at the Boston show of the Blue Album
My Name is Jonas. When I was in 5th grade one of my friends gave me weezer's blue album to listen to on a plane flight. it was the best CD I had ever listened to, and 10 years later it still is.
My first song I heard was Buddy Holly. I heard it on television when I was younger. It made me want to listen to all their music when I heard it a couple years later.
either say it ain't so or Beverly hills, but thats just when i was old enough to realize what i was hearing. :P
first time i heard Weezer was the buddy holly video on windows 95! been a huge fan every since! Go Weez! You guys f-in rock!
Undone - the Sweater Song

The song made me a weezer fan, the video made me a Spike Jonze fan.
Buddy Holly video on MTV, followed by the Windows 95 disc... also Buddy Holly.
Not my favourite song but at the time it was new.
me too. exactly those two tracks in that order and the windows 95 cd... on my IBM aptiva.

Daniel [bleed0range] said:
Really it was Undone, but I didn't pay much attention to that when I was younger. The first time I actively paid attention to Weezer and loved what I was hearing was Buddy Holly on the Windows 95 disc.
I believe it was Beverly hills.. since then I fell in love with this band.. but their new stuff isn't as great as their first few albums, but itll do :)

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