I think mine was Buddy Holly, but just to be safe, let's say Hash Pipe (I was born in 93, so I wasn't around when Weezer first released "Blue").

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Undone, and I really didn't think much of it at the time. Buddy Holly appealed to me more, and El Scorcho made me a fan
Jamie on DGC Rarities album ('93 or '94).
I heard Undone on the radio right when it was first starting to get airplay and I had to find out what band it was...it's all history after that. I was about 16 at the time. And j-biebs comment made me laugh because I too can't believe there are fully functioning people who were born in the 90's haha. Man, some of us are starting to get old.
i had heard beverly hills, my name is jonas, buddy holly, say it aint so, holiday, and hash pipe, but knowingly, the first song i heard by weeezer was troublemaker.
I'm not gonna lie, I heard Beverly Hills on Radio Disney.
The first Weezer song I ever heard was "Island In The Sun". It was on my mom's Smallville CD. Some time afterwards I went out and bought my first Weezer album Pinkerton from a Half Price Books.
the first song i heard was buddy holly i was in 6th grade i heard it & i became a fan for life Weezer means everthing to me there my all-time favorite band
Say It Ain't So. I was 9.
Buddy Holly.. Great video too..
I am also 16, almost 17. It just took me that long to discover Weezer.

Mr. Sweeney said:
16. I would have been in about fourth grade when I started listening to the radio, thus Beverly Hills.

Echoes said:
Beverly Hills?! Pork and Beans?! How old are you people...10?
at 10 years old looking thru my sisters cd collecting looking for a cool album found a simple album with four little guys on the cover 10 second thru my name is jonas i was hooked for life

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