I think mine was Buddy Holly, but just to be safe, let's say Hash Pipe (I was born in 93, so I wasn't around when Weezer first released "Blue").

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Really it was Undone, but I didn't pay much attention to that when I was younger. The first time I actively paid attention to Weezer and loved what I was hearing was Buddy Holly on the Windows 95 disc.
Don't Let Go

I heard Weezer for the first time in my friends car and she had the Green Album. I liked the cover so I asked her to put it on...I was instantly hooked.
"If you want to destrooooy my sweaterrrrrr....!"
Undone and then Windows 95 came and the is history...
my friend brought over a mix cd tryin to get me into some different bands and there was one weezer track on the thing El Scorcho. life would never be the same again.
El Scorcho would be the first song I heard that I knew was Weezer. The "I'm a lot like you" bit really stuck in my thirteen year old brain. I bought Pinkerton and then was very excited to discover the Blue album. I did not know Buddy Holly and Say It Ain't So were their songs but immediately recognized them. After Pinkerton, I thought I would never hear from my favorite band again.... then, in high school, the Green album came out! I'm hooked for life. It's a good thing.
Why Bother? was the first one I can remember hearing, it was on my uncles crappy mp3 player and I loved it, but at the time I was so young I had no idea what the lyrics meant. To this day I still love that song
Beverly Hills

elscorcho said:
Beverly Hills

Poor thing.
When I was about 8 years old my Dad would play "The Hip Hip Song" (that's what I knew it as) on guitar, and I heard Beverly Hills a lot on the radio, but Pork and Beans was the first song I heard knowing that it was Weezer. I thought it was the greatest song I had ever heard, and I instantly fell in love with the band.
undone (the sweater song) on the radio when I was in 8th grade. All I listened to before was Nirvana. After I saw the video on MTV, I bought a guitar magazine that had the tab. My band played it at a school talent show, but I think the judges were mad b/c they wanted us to do Buddy Holly instead. My guitar teacher thought undone was a cover of the Guess Who song...even when I played the cassette for him. This made me think that the sweater song was a cover for a good year, until I heard the Guess Who's undone, and had a good laugh.

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