I think mine was Buddy Holly, but just to be safe, let's say Hash Pipe (I was born in 93, so I wasn't around when Weezer first released "Blue").

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it was either Undone or Buddy Holly =W= :)
My Name Is Jonas.  My friend brought over the Blue album one day in 98/99 and played it from song 1.  Loved the Blue album instantly.

Whoa old thread. Anyway, June 2001, 8th grade/middle school graduation party thing on a boat. Hash Pipe. My friends requested the song and I liked it I guess, but I had trouble REALLY liking anything that wasn't the Beatles. Didn't fall in love until the 2001 VMA performance.

Purchased TBA and Pinkerton shortly after, as my friend said, "The Internet says those are better." I think she bought Blue and I bought Pink, making Pink my first purchased album ever. 2001 also saw my first concert ever (also Weezer). Lots of firsts up in here.

I remember my brother singing "buddy holly" when i was in the second or third grade. It didn't mean anything to me at the time. Hell I thought it was a song they sung for chorus class..
lol. forgot about that fine mspaint job of mine.

Wilford Brimleyž (diabeetužž) said:

I think mine was My Name Is Jonas on Guitar Hero or Beverly Hills on the radio. But I never really noticed them back then.

Geeez. Pork and Beans. Didn't like it though.


Few months later listened to Buddy Holly. Thought it was Okay but not Great.


A month after that I stumbled upon No Other One, Pink Triangle and El Scorcho on youtube while bored. Fell in love. Bought Pinkerton and then Blue.


Im now 17 and Pinkerton is essentially the soundtrack for my life currently <3

A complete listen through Blue, so the first song I heard was Jonas. That said, the hook was set one song later with No One Else. That song still blows my mind.

Beverley Hills.

Its still one of my all time favorites :)

Beverly Hills i know i'm so late


Island in the Sun :)
Had to have been one of the blue singles, although I was too young at the time to remember now (born in 88). As far as I can remember I've known those songs, but don't remember exactly when or where I heard them. However, I specifically remember hearing hash pipe when it came on the radio (driving around the beach or listening to the radio during the summer. ahhh... good times). I think that back then I thought it was by the band that did "you and me baby aint nothing but mammals" (embarrassing I know) and I did not like the song. And I remember IITS from the same time period, I heard it for the first time in Mr. Deeds. I assumed it was on old 60's pop classic. Years later I would realize it was actually a current song, which is kind of ironic cause Rivers was trying to channel 60's pop hardcore with the SS2K/Green material (IITS was written along with the other SS2K songs and then released on green).

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