I think mine was Buddy Holly, but just to be safe, let's say Hash Pipe (I was born in 93, so I wasn't around when Weezer first released "Blue").

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Something from the Blue album, because when I was a little kid, that's what my dad used to listen to.

I remember hearing Undone when I was real little and I loved it. I was lucky enough to be raised by parent with a good taste in music, listening to The Beatles, The Eagles, The Who, Led Zepplin, Elton John, Peter Frampton, The STYX, etc. etc. So when I heard something that was good I knew I liked it.


Anyways, next Weezer song I heard a lot of was Hash Pipe, it got me really interested again because I loved it. I went to the library and found a copy of Maladroit, ripped it onto my computer, and the rest is history!

Buddy Holly thanks to the Windows 95 disc. Thank you Microsoft!
Hash Pipe. I was 9. Loved it
Say it ain't so :P I was like, 11. I heard it and loved it and then the rest just sort of built up from there... and here I am now. Writing in their forums.
Hash Pipe.
Say it ain't sowoahwoah :)
Island in the Sun. After that I was hooked for life!
Has to be Buddy Holly, on the music channels when I was younger


love dem ever since lol

Also this:

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