how is your friday going, atnw? what plans for the weekend?

i've been super-busy this week so i'm just gonna chill oot tonight. my OH has to work this weekend so I guess I'm christmas shopping on my own tomorrow...

you, huw?

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I am going to see hp7 for the second time tonight with my coworkers, working tomorrow, and going to a winter farmers market on sunday with the boyfriend.

happy, jon? :P
Sleep in tomorrow. Then lots of shopping, but online. I hate public shopping, especially this time of year.
tonight: going to see a band
tomorrow: sleep late, mope around for a while, and then go out at night
Sunday: watch americanfootball
great friday as it's the first day in two weeks that i'm at home with nothing to do.

tomorrow- do fx makeup for zombie film, go to winter ball with hubby
sunday- hopefully not a damn thing til dinner and dexter at friends house

and not to make any people jealous, but just now this was waiting for me in my email

makes this day exponentially better
Nothing but studying for finals next week. Three on Mon. and one on Thurs.
This weekend's plans. Work. Then Work. Work some more. Then Work. Monday I finally get to go to work, again.
Friggity-friggity-friggity-Friday? For once, I didn't work overtime.
My dad is coming over for dinner tomorrow... spaghetti, I think. Sunday? Dunno.
And it's snowing. Stupid, stupid snow.
Just relaxing and doing house work this weekend.

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