Favourite Weezer side project for each member/past member?


Collaborations with other artists

Avant Garde/Zoom


Carnival Art
The Relationship
The Space Twins


The Special Goodness
The Rentals
Southern Fried Wing


Collaboration with Brain May
Collaboration with Anthony Green
Vanilla Ice



Juliana Hatfield
The Kickovers
Left Nut

The Rentals
Solo material
Tegan and Sara

Jason (if you've heard any of his bands):

Chopper One

22 Jacks

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I love the Relationship. I also enjoy the Special Goodness. Southern Fried Swing gives me the giggles.

u left out vanilla ice for scott.

Edited, thanks.

Mark Quakkelaar said:

u left out vanilla ice for scott.

Mine are........

Rivers - Homie

Brain - The Relationship

Pat - The Special Goodness
Scott - Vanilla Ice

Mikey - Jocobono or Juliana Hatfield

Matt - The Rentals

Jason - Chopper One

Homie and The Rentals 

The Relationship and the Rentals are easily the best, aside from Homie.

The Relationship really doesn't get enough love.  

Space Twins is better then The Relationship but they're both great imo

The Special Goodness - Land, Air, Sea rocks hard.

The Relationship is good.

I used to love The Rentals, but then I spent all this money to get Songs About Time, and it was a bust.  The DVDs were compiled of typical art student black and white crap, I like about 3 of the songs, and I didn't even bother to get my roll of film developed...still no tour dates....wtf Matt Sharp, wtf

Rivers: Homie
Brian: Space Twins

Pat: Special Goodness

Scott: Vanilla Ice...?

Mikey: Homie

 Matt: The Rentals

Jason: Chopper One

Billie Joe-Green Day, Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Network,Pinhead Gunpowder
Mike Dirnt-Green Day, The Frustrators, The Network,Foxboro Hot tubs, Pinhead Gunpowder
Tré Cool- Green Day, Foxboro Hot tubs, The Network

it's like you're not even trying anymore, dorian.

Umm I'm Dorian..??

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