My one is from when they performed in Germany in mid 2001, the setlist was songs from Blue, Green and some early Maladroit demos.

Or when i saw the them at the Brixton show a few months ago, it was amazing!.

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weezer playing say it ain't so on letterman in 1995.

Austin, 6/7/2011

A fan's dream setlist.

Wow, that Austin setlist is great!
Fellt so lucky to be on the first few rows to see all that
Indio 2011, and San Diego 2008.
Enlightenment tour 2002....i can't remember all the songs, but I heard Mad Kow, Butterfly, and Falling For You in one night.

The world has turned at the Hard Rock hotel.

for me it has to be weezer at Madison square garden back in 2008, King, morning glory cover and they covered Nirvana's sliver. Just one epic night.

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