No Weezer (hence the reason this post is in ATNW) and to keep it interesting lets say no Radiohead as they will most likely be most peoples choices.



Love this album, although not their best (that would be The Sophtware Slump)

Very underrated band.  


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Hmm tough choice.  I lot of albums I love are from the 90s.  I'll say Ocean Machine by Devin Townsend.  That's am incredible album to listen to.









No =w=!!!

Dorian Zelaya said:
the blue album
ok computer by radiohead and whats the story morning glory by oasis. i'll second that!

CrackerJack said:

Well, Pinkerton and Blue take 1st and 2nd, but anyway.....








(What's The Story) Morning Glory and Nevermind.

Blue and Pinkerton are my all time favourites but if I had to choose other than Weezer it'll be between Dookie by Green Day, Flood by They Might Be Giants or Nevermind. Probably Dookie.

i saw daphne and celeste at reading...

Brofessefef said:


yep, I was there. good tiemz.

Brofessefef said:




Best crowd reaction evar.


berry rydell said:

i saw daphne and celeste at reading...

Brofessefef said:


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