From the 90's rock of the blue album, to the still rockish but not quite as 90's sound of today whats your favorite? weather it be the darker side in pinkerton or the lighter sound of make believe you have got many options to choose from, me personally the blue to maladroit is my favorite sound, but make believes lyrics are something breath taking.

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Blue and Pinkerton's production.

Rivers' voice on Velouria.

Droit's doubled solos.

Pork n Beans crunchy chorus.



Of course, I like Pinkerton best, but we've been over that. ; )


I'm very new to the mechanics behind rock music, so I wouldn't know what to call it, but I like the "crunchy" guitars (a la Blue, Green) a lot. I also like that sort of whining sound the solos have sometime, like in "I Just Threw Out..." or when he makes his guitar purr in Perfect Situation, which I think is a "wah" pedal?" Whatever it is, it gives me shivers. : D 




ok i got a little heated but who dosent over weezer.
post of the day.

William Danze said:
ok i got a little heated but who dosent over weezer.
That's what she said.

William Danze said:
ok i got a little heated but who dosent over weezer.
the harmony in Susanne, and the overall sound of Pinkerton, plus Only in Dreams off blue. perfect.
The intro to "Waiting on You"

America said:
Lol dude you need to calm down and just ignore him. Its a gaurentee that if you post something, Kittens shall come forth in all his douchyness, and if he finds your armor has cracked by his inernetz assult ,you shall surely be doomed, so just ignore him lol. I understand what you were saying with the blue/mal comment, so did everyone else, kittens just has a diffrent way of interacting with people.

Blue for the guitar tone...


Pinkerton for the solos and aesthetic. Rivers really knew how to use other instruments in a tasteful way back then.

Across the sea with it's intro for instance. He doesn't overuse extra instruments(piano,clarinet..etc..) but used them in a way that compliments and enhances the song.

The end of Waiting on you is one of my favorite Weezer moments. Love the lyrics to the entire song, but the end is awesome.

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