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space rock
Lately it is "Ruling Me".
My Name is Jonas.
Probably either My Name is Jonas or Tired of Sex.
Sugar Booger maybe, well could be Only In Dreams(depends on the day)
Only In Dreams
Tired of Sex and Only in Dreams. I have to put them both. One I love to jam to and the other is probably the one of the greatest songs ever made.
No, no. Weezer, not Wheatus.

reconrose said:
teenage dirtbag
gotta love that chorus, such good vocal tone

reconrose said:
teenage dirtbag
gotta love that chorus, such good vocal tone

Clever...better head over to wheatus.com and post this response there...
Mykel and Carli. Love the harmonica intro.
Blue Album - say it aint so, no one else, the world has turned, in the garage, holiday, surf wax america, undone
Pinkerton - good life, why bother, across the sea, el scorcho, pink triangle, falling for you, no other one
Green Album - island in the sun, dont let go, photograph, knock-down drag-out
Maladroit - dope nose, keep fishin, love explosion
Make Believe - perfect situation, hold me, damage in your heart, the other way
Red Album - greatest man that ever lived, pork and beans, troublemaker, dreamin
Raditude - i'm your daddy, put me back together, tripping down the freeway, let it all hang out, cant stop partying
Hurley - ruling me, hang on, smart girls, memories, where's my sex
Death to False Metal - odd couple, turning up the radio, i dont want your loving, blowing my stack

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