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The Good Life
I have been liking Turning Up the Radio most latley but I am always changing... So I don't think I really have a favorite. Death To False Metal is my favorite album though. Fo' sho'
Photograph. Love that song.
It's a tie between Keep Fishin', Unspoken and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived :)!
My favorite song of all time growing up PERIOD was "Buddy Holly".. but now that I'm older.. the song "Say it aint so" has been my favorite for around 8 years or so. I also like El Scorcho, the good life, my name is jonas.. and more.. I really really enjoy most of their songs. I am always listening to them. I drive my friends, husband and family nuts. LOL
as i said i like island in the sun, because of the sound.
Turning Up The Radio, Unspoken, This Is Such A Pity, and Troublemaker really explain my life
El Scorcho or In Dreams. Very hard to decide.
At the moment it would be Runaway, seems like it is written about me and the devil, I mean my soon to be exwife
Across the Sea or The Good Life pretty much anything of of Pinkerton
Definitely "The Good Life"
Buddy Holly! ....and Troublemaker :)...and Pork & Beans....Its hard to just like ONE :)
I never got past "say it ain't so."

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