Blue - Say It Ain't So


Pinkerton - Falling For You or Tierd of Sex


Green - Oh Girlfriend


Maladroit - Death and Destruction


Make Believe - This is Such a Pity or The Damage In Your Heart


Red Album - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived


Raditude - Let it All Hang Out, Story of My Life


Hurley - Where's My Sex?, Smart Girls


It's so freaking hard to pick just one from each album! but seriously i know its the cool weezer fan thing to hate everything post pinkerton but i seriously love each album in their own way

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blue - only in dreams

pinkerton - getchoo

Blue - Only in Dreams

Pinkerton - No Other One

Green - Smile

Maladroit - December

Make Believe - Haunt You Every Day

Red - Dreamin

Raditude - The Underdogs

Hurley - Run Away

Death To False Metal - Losing My Mind

Christmas CD - O Holy Night (Great Cover)

Sorry to be so long and specific, but it's hard to chose for most albums. Even on my less favorite albums, the MOST favorite out of the less favorite are usually pretty close to me... if that makes sense

Blue - Only in Dreams (The World is a close second)
Pinkerton - Why Bother? (I consider Across the Sea the best on the album, but Why Bother connects with me like nothing else)
(^^^sooooooooooo hard to chose for those albums)
Green - At first it was Hash Pipe, then it was Photograph, now it's Don't Let Go (specifically the kind from their AOL sessions)
Maladroit - Burndt Jamb
Make Believe - Perfect Situation
Red - Pork and Beans (Greatest Man and Angel are up there)
Raditude - Put Me Back Together (I'm really not crazy about this song, though. I LOVE Turn Me round if I can use bonus tracks)
Hurley - Unspoken (easily. I Want to Be Something is my favorite bonus track)
Death - Unbreak My Heart

Blue: Say It Ain't So

Pinkerton: Falling For You

Green: Don't Let Go

Maladroit: Slob

Make Believe: Perfect Situation

Red: King

Raditude: I Don't Want To Let You Go

Hurley: Unspoken

Death To False Metal: I Don't Want Your Loving

Blue -Undone

Pinkerton - El Scorcho, Falling For You, and Getchoo tied for first

Green - Don't Let Go

Maladroit - American Gigolo, Dope Nose, and Keep Fishin' tied for first

Make Believe -Perfect Situation

Red - Pork and Beans, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, and Troublemaker tied for first

Raditude - I'm Your Daddy

Hurley - Unspoken, Hold On, Smart Girls, Time Flies, and Memories tied for first

Blue - Buddy Holly

Pinkerton - Tired of Sex

Green - O Girlfriend (it pains me to say ANY green album is good...)

Maladroit - Keep Fishin

Make Believe - Damage In Your Heart

Red - Miss Sweeney

Raditude - Underdogs

Hurley - Ruling Me 

blue- only in dreams
blue deluxe tracks- paper face
pinkerton- fallin for you
pinkerton deluxe tracks- getting up and leaving
green- crab
maladroit- american gigolo
make believe- haunt you every day
red- dreamin
red bonus tracks- miss sweeney
raditude- if youre wondering
hurley- unspoken
hurley bonus- i want to be something
havent gotten around to listening to death to false metal yet
every song from each album..







































Or just no standards, I can't tell.

Lydia Sanders said:

every song from each album..

Blue - The World Has Turned and Left me Here

Pinkerton - Across the sea

Green - O Girlfriend

Maladroit - Death and Destruction/ December

Make Believe - Hold Me/ Peace

Red - Pig/ The Spider

Raditude - I Don't Want to let you go

Hurley - Ruling Me

DTFM - Unbreak my heart

Blue Deluxe - Susanne

Pinkerton Deluxe - Tragic Girl/ Getting up and leaving (the main chorus melody can revolve around my head for days!)

Special mention to:


A5 Demos - She who is militant/ The organ player/Private message(rock version)


Green album b-side: Always (How the eff wasn't it on the actual album?!)







Here goes:

Blue-Buddy Holly or Say It Ain't So


Green-Hash Pipe or Island in the Sun

Maladroit-Dope Nose

Make Believe-Beverly Hills or Perfect Situation or We Are All On Drugs

Red-Pork & Beans or Troublemaker

Raditude-(Don't have the album yet, but it's en route)


Death To False Metal-The Odd Couple

Blue - Buddy Holly
Pinkerton - Pink Triangle
Green - Photograph
Maladroit - Slob
Make Believe - This is Such a Pity
Red - Miss Sweeney (if you can count the bonus tracks ... if not ... Greatest Man)
Raditude - (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
Hurley - Brave New World


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