Blue - Say It Ain't So


Pinkerton - Falling For You or Tierd of Sex


Green - Oh Girlfriend


Maladroit - Death and Destruction


Make Believe - This is Such a Pity or The Damage In Your Heart


Red Album - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived


Raditude - Let it All Hang Out, Story of My Life


Hurley - Where's My Sex?, Smart Girls


It's so freaking hard to pick just one from each album! but seriously i know its the cool weezer fan thing to hate everything post pinkerton but i seriously love each album in their own way

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Weezer (1994): "Buddy Holly" or "Only in Dreams"
Pinkerton: "Why Bother?" or "Pink Triangle"
Weezer (2001): "Smile" or "O Girlfriend"
Maladroit: "Keep Fishin'" or "Fall Together"
Make Believe: "The Other Way" or "Freak Me Out"
Weezer (2008): "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" or "Dreamin'"
Raditude: "(IYWIIWYT) I Want You To" or "Trippin' Down the Freeway"
Hurley: "Trainwrecks" or "Unspoken"
Death to False Metal: "The Odd Couple" or "Unbreak My Heart"

As best as I can figure... I had to pick at least 2 ;)
No One Else
Across the Sea
Don't Let Go
Perfect Situation
Greatest Man...
Let It All Hang Out
Ruling Me
Oh cool. I remember when I posted this a month ago. Neat!
My Best Friend?

Get off this forum.

Dorian Zelaya said:
Pinkerton-Why Bother
Green-Island in the Sun
Maladroit-Keep Fishin'
Make Believe-My Best Friend
Raditude-Put Me Back Together
Hurley-Memories or Unspoken
My Best Friend is awesome! I reckon it's by far the best song Make Believe
Blue: Say It Ain't So
Pinkerton: Falling For You
Green: Island in the Sun
Maladroit: Death and Destruction
Make Believe: We Are All On Drugs
Red: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Raditude: Let It All Hang Out
Hurley: Run Away
Death to False Metal: The Odd Couple
Can I pick all of the songs from each album? LOL if not then I'm screwed because I love them all...??
Blue - Buddy Holly
Pinkerton - Why Bother
Green - Don't Let Go
Maladroit - Dope Nose
Make Believe - My Best Friend
Red - Heart Songs
Raditude - Kids/Pokerface
Hurley - Ruling Me
DTFM - Turning Up The Radio
Christmas - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

And I believe it's the cool Weezer fan thing to like all Weezer. It's the "I'm always right and if it's not my way it's wrong" Weezer fan thing to hate everything post Pinkerton. Sorry but after reading the "Rivers hates his own fans?" chat I realized how much people love to complain.
Blue - Say It Ain't So
Pinkerton - Getchoo
Green - Photograph
Maladroit - Take Control
Make Believe - This Is Such A Pity
Red - Dreamin'
Raditude - I'm Your Daddy
Hurley - Unspoken
Death To False Metal - Everyone

Haha, good find!

Now there's two of these on Page 1.

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ said:


Blue-In the Garage

Pinkerton-Falling for You



Make Believe-Peace


Raditude-I Want You To

Hurley-Smart Girls

DTFM-Unbreak My Heart

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