Which do you like the most, and what are your opinions of:


"Alone" series (Rivers Cuomo)

The Relationship (Brian Bell)

The Special Goodness (Pat Wilson)

The Rentals (Matt Sharp)

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I like them all.

In order for me: Alone, The Relationship, The Rentals, The Special Goodness.

Alone, and then The Relationship.
ditto that.

Michael Barrios said:
Alone, and then The Relationship.

Alone!! and then the rentals.


Yeah, and if you want to get even MORE specific, you can toss in Space Twins, Homie, and even Vanilla Ice. (not that anyone is going to pick that)

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:
yeah matt sharp isn't a member of weezer. try and keep up.
yeshh!!!  space twins as well

Fonz Valo said:
Although not listed my favourite side project was/is Space Twins the probably The Rentals
HOMiE and/or Rivers Cuomo Band.
Alone is probably my favourite out of those.
But my real favourite is Rivers' collaborations with other artists (Mark Ronson, B.o.B, Kevin Rudolf etc.)

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