If you saw Weezer live in the last decade tell me what has been your favorite live moment in concert.

Living in Jersey Ive been spoiled with Weezer love from MSG, Halloween at Hammerstein NY, sitting second row for flaming lips/weezer at PNC sharing the stage together, and Pinkerton Memories at Roseland( What am I made of money!? couldnt afford blue show haha) so let me hear your voices!

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When I saw them at the Brixton show I was right at the front, caught a drum stick and touched Rivers :P my favorite songs from that night were "The Good Life and "Hash Pipe". Here is my favorite Weezer live moment ever though.


I've seen them once, nothing really special except when Rivers mock flashed the crowd(his chest) and when they all took the drums at the end. Best show I've ever seen

Back in 2008 on their Troublemaker tour Pat sang Time. That just blew me away. Most magical live moment for me.

Hearing Longtime Sunshine played live for the first time.

Cat's Paw Studio WNNX Atlanta Apr 1, 1995 sat front row as they performed 5 songs acoustically including Jamie!! 

Orpheum Boston 12/14/2010 - That's me at 3:01 with Rivers!! Thanks for the Memories!


I can't pick just one but I recently saw them this weekend and Rivers went nuts on the drums at the end of the show, it was awesome. I'd never seen him do that! :D

In Orlando for the Pinkerton show this past weekend I was front row. Rivers came to the front of the stage right in front of me and I held up a =w= with my hands, he grinned and made one back. That little moment will forever be ingrained in my memory. 

Great show!   Biggest weezer show to date, and you could tell that the guys were in good spirits.   Or should I say "evil spirits"?   It's awesome that the whole concert is on youtube, and that it is the same footage that was played on the screens there.   I was on the lawn so if I listen to it really loud it is almost the same exact visual I experienced 10 years ago.   Minus the flames and the flying =w=.


Avery Doll said:

Holloweezer in NYC was cool seeing the band dressed up as bugs...and then seeing fans get on stage to undress them..

Connecticut this past year Brian came on stage wearing a flower that a friend and I had given him.... so sweet!!

Memories shows in orlando.... Rivers' "time machine" pshiushiushiu and everything about those shows.... particularly OID for me because I have never seen it live... and I was mesmerized :)

I'd say everything about the Weezer cruise was amazing.  It was the first time I saw Blast off live, the first time I saw Tragic Girl... the setting with all the fans made the experience that much more fun and exciting.  It was just magical. 

Also, that time I got to play in the hoot.

At the Ohio State Fair, Rivers took my hat and wore it during Troublemaker. Then he signed it before giving it back to me. Class act, that guy.


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