Now, I know many people over at ATW like to post actually terrible covers as being their favorite, as a joke, but let's try to compile some really great ones. I'll go first:

This guy, Michael Skinner, does acoustic covers of tons of pop songs, and Weezer is his favorite band. He does a great one of Falling For You, among others, but I like this odd swing version of Don't Let Go that he does.

(For now, it's just a link until someone can tell me how to embed videos.)

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A great piano cover is this guys version of Buddy Holly
richard cheese has done a couple
ash do some also - there pretty decent aswel
I love going on YouTube and trying to find good Weezer covers. I found a pretty good cover of "El Scorcho".

They must be big Weezer fans. Their name is Paperface and they also do a cover of "Can't Stop Partying" with a bit of "Pokerface/Kids" thrown in.
I enjoy the version of SIAS by MoZella
That cover isn't bad. But all of the comments on the video made me feel like kicking them all.

"Which came first? This or Weezer?"

Was this person serious?!
that person is a idiot :-/
Yes they are.

from the 8-bit album...
How about this one.

Kinda sped up in the end, but that okay.

I made a Weezer-Medley, please let me know some reactions =)

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