Epic bridges --- which is your favorite? There are so many from Burnt Jamb's crazy bridge to something like Dreamin. Of course Only in Dreams, Holiday, most of Blue were awesome ones! Anyways give me yours & why you feel that way.


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Say It Ain't So
The Good Life and El Scorcho.
The bridge in the Surf Wax America demo
El Scorcho
across the sea
i'm not sure that Only in Dreams would classify as a bridge exactly.... but nothing will ever be better than that... (for me anyways, although there are plenty of epic, fun bridges in the weez repertoire, i agree with everyone's posts as well) ...and as for the reason... it's not something that can be put into words, because the music says it all... <3
The Good Life
El Scorcho's bridge is really the only part of that song that I enjoy, so I'll say that one
I am still in love w/the bridge in Say it aint So!

Falling For You.

Come on, people.

Holiday.  The way the riff comes exploding back in makes it perfect.
There are many great ones but Dreamin is the one that grew on me the most. When Red came out, I thought it was cheesy and hurt the song. Then I remembered having it stuck i my head somehow. The next thing I know, I'm looking forward to the bridge as one of my favorite parts of the album.

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