If I asked for any album, I would only get Blue or Pinkerton, so which post-Pinkerton album is your favorite?

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Weezer (2008), deluxe or not.

Other than that, Hurley beats Maladroit by a small margin.
And I love Make Believe and Raditude is just fun just so no one thinks I hate them.
green album but

blue>pinkerton>green>hurley>maladroit>make believe>red>make believe
Then for longtime darkness...
and then
Make Believe
Maladroit, Make Believe, Red, Hurley, Green, and Raditude.

I would say Green, Hurley, and Red can all be interchangeable based on my mood.
Hmmmmmm... Hurley or Raditude
At this point in time, the correct answer is the Green Album. It is a perfect album, almost from head to toe. It's soupy undynamic mix of punk-pop is spot on. Brilliant.
Tie between maladroit and hurley
Hurley and Maladroit
If you skip half of it, Red Deluxe is brilliant.
i love the red album
The Green Album is almost as tight as The Blue Album, only not as influential. But it's still great.

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