Mine might be mad kow.  

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I loved Too Late to Try.
I like My Brain is Working Overtime the best.
I would have picked o girl, but I am not too crazy about the verse/bridge/whatever the quieter half of the song is. 

James Stockwell (Jamekae) said:
O Girl is the clear standout of the bunch. It's powerful, to the point and catchy as hell, there's real magic in that recording. Honorable mentions go out to Mad Kow and My Brain is Working Overtime.
O Girl - 4 votes
My Brain is Working Overtime - 2 votes
Slob - 2 votes
Too Late To Try - 2 votes
Mad Kow - 1 vote
Dope Nose - 1 vote

And one vote each for Island in the Sun, Thought I Knew, Can't Stop Partying, Put Me Back Together, Dreamin', and I Don't Want To Let You Go?????????(even though they aren't SS2K)

O Girl and Superstar

My Brain is Working Overtime. I've got an awesome version of the song that a guy did last year (or was it the year before?) when they held a re-mix contest. It's one of my favorites. :)
New poll: which version of My Brain is Working overtime is your favorite? I like the alone 2 one. 
modern dukes
Also, I prefer the 7/02 version of Mad Kow that came from the Early Album 5 demos, the piano works really well in that song and I feel the SS2K arrangement feels real sparse without it. O Girl however is perfect, it has intricate harmonies, a duelling guitar solo, lyrics which suggest emotional depth ("Oh girl, I thought you a flirt and too shallow to get hurt. But now, I see in your eyes the pain that can't be just lies. You're like me."), all secured in a perfectly structured and concise pop experience. O Girl is the You Gave Your Love To Me Softly of the Green era and it's a damn shame it never saw studio work, because with the stellar harmonies the live version of O Girl suggests I could easily see it eclipsing near everything the band's done Post-Pinkerton.

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