I would have to say Ruling Me or Smart Girls, how about y'all?

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The intro to Ruling Me is probably my favorite part on the album!
Unspoken, Time Flies !
Ruling Me...sounds like weezer and nerf herder...awesome!
Nerf Herder rules so hard.
Not really anything bad. Loving Trainwrecks, Wheres My Sex, Run Away and Smart Girls (the bridge mainly)
Seems like Ruling Me, Smart Girls and Uspoken are the most popular choices.... Oh and Run Away, less Trainwrecks/Time Flies love then I unexpected! I personally can't wait for a live version of Time Flies!
This is a good example of a thread you would not find in the Weezer Musical Discussion Section.
I can't pick a single favorite. But I can pick three.

Ruling Me

Run Away

Brave New World (Yeah, really)... lol

That's not to say the other songs are not great. I actually like them all, but I have already listened to Hang On like a billion times now and Unspoken a billion and one. So, you know, this is my current faves. It's always changing. However, Ruling Me is just plain awesome and should be a single.
Right now Unspoken. But it'll probably change after a few more listens. And I agree with Ringer, I would've liked a longer rocked out ending.
Hang-on, Ruling Me, Runaway, Unspoken, I Want to be Something
My favorite song Ruling Me
Ruling Me and Time Flies are my early favourites. I think a few others will grow on me as I get to listen to them more.

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