I would have to say Ruling Me or Smart Girls, how about y'all?

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Right now, for me, it's still Brave New World!
Trainwrecks or Unspoken!
Unpoken or Run Away. If Run Away was longer it would be a shoo-in per se....it's too short in my opinion, it could use another minute or so, Hang On is amazing too!
Run Away is awesome. The opening sets up the epicness.
A lot of Hurley has a feel like Rivers was listening to 80's pop while writing.
Time Flies is my favorite so far. I love the production values, but the lyrics are really what make it great.

I could see this being a classic Weezer tune once people start connecting life events with Hurley the way we have with blue and Pinkerton and even Raditude.
I really like them with the exception of Brave New World, but if I had to pick a fav it would be Unspoken or Where's My Sex.
'Where's my sex' or 'Hang On'
Time Flies. It reminds a lot of the Red Album.
Brave new world.. I like the hollow pipe being hit in the background! LOL
as of today, where's my sex? and ruling me are my favorites.
my hurley list, favorite to worse, in order. strange how my least favorite song is many people's favorite! shows how strong this record really is..

smart girls
brave new world
ruling me
time flies
hang on
where's my sex
run away

I think ruling me is awesome very nice sound.Smart Girls is very chacty gets stuckin my head alot.I think Unspoken is very good too.

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