I would have to say Ruling Me or Smart Girls, how about y'all?

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man.. its pretty much im possible to pick just one. Run Away, Ruling Me, and Represent.. The three Rs of Hurley
i dont even have a favorite! haha. if i had to list, itd be Smart Girls, Unspoken, Hang On, Trainwrecks, and Ruling Me.
Trainwrecks and Run Away are fantastic... Although Time Flies is starting to grow on me... I'm not sure how I feel about the production, but overall it's a great song.
Trainwrecks is definately my favorite on Hurley <33
Trainwrecks for me so far, tis good to my bones
I agree Ruling Me or Smart girls. But Hang On is close behind :)
Smart girls is awesome but ill have to I want to be something from the deluxe version is the best
Ruling Me by far. Although I thought I would hate Where's My Sex. I actually really like it.
"Where's My Sex?" is my current favorite. I love the vocal and the craziness of it. I think my overall top pick on the album is "Hang On" though. It's just catchy, awesome, and a super-powered pop gem.
ruling me.
Unspoken is really, really fantastic....Ruling Me is up there, and Run Away is fantastic as well!!

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