I would have to say Ruling Me or Smart Girls, how about y'all?

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Trainwrecks or Hang On are my favourite, but I would say that on a technical level Unspoken's easily the best there.
Ruling Me is definitely my favourite, but I am enjoying Where's My Sex a lot more than I thought I was going to.
"Ruling Me"

Then either "Hang On", "Smart Girls", or "Run Away"
ruling me
run away, but unspoken is just as good.
It's between Run Away, Ruling Me and Unspoken.
When I want something a bit more upbeat though I love a bit of 'Smart Girls' ha
Probably "Ruling Me" right now. It was "Unspoken" for awhile, but I really wish they extended the rocked-out ending for another 30 secs to a minute. The abrupt ending takes away from it just a bit, for me.
hm..Unspoken/Trainwrecks/Hold On/I Want To Be Something/Run Away
don't know which one
Ruling me is my fave!
"Hang On" is definitely the jewel of this album.

That said, is this really what this once great band has come to? I was in high school when Blue came out and it changed my entire outlook on music. "Pinkerton" changed the face of emo music IMO.

Weezer post Pink is a testament that depression and loneliness is often the best muse.

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