I would have to say Ruling Me or Smart Girls, how about y'all?

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well does the whole album count? memories and smart girls.. mostly
i hate best buy. i call them WORST buy

jennifer said:
wouldnt know.. went to Best Buy today to get cd... they told me Weezer has't came out with new cd.... I just looked at the dude like he was crazy. He said he looked it up... whatever. WIll pick it up tomorrow.. FOR THE WIN
Love "Smart Girls," and "Where's My Sex?" Rivers' vocals on that one are amazing!
will you ever forgive them?? :P

Ringer7 said:
Probably "Ruling Me" right now. It was "Unspoken" for awhile, but I really wish they extended the rocked-out ending for another 30 secs to a minute. The abrupt ending takes away from it just a bit, for me.
i wanna be something...its raw and not touched up massive amounts.... the real weezer

man oh man can rivers write a song
Where's My Sex !!!!!!!!
Ruling me, Run Away, Hang On, and Memories are by far the best songs on the album. Better question: What's everyones favorite song on Pinkerton? Answer: Butterfly.
hang on or brave new world
rulling me is the best song of hurley!

=W=leandrin=W= said:
rulling me is the best song of hurley!
Favorites: I love Unspoken, Ruling Me, and Smart Girls.
Honorable Mention: Surprisingly, because I didn't think I was going to, I really like Where's My Sex.
Where's my Sex is easily my favorite, its going to go down as a Weezer classic.

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