I would have to say Ruling Me or Smart Girls, how about y'all?

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My favorites to this point....

Ruling Me
Brave New World
Represent (my favorite overall)

I have to mention that All My Friends Are Insects is such an awesome example of how "silly" can work brilliantly for Weezer. Love it!
at first, i won't lie it was a tie between runaway and unspoken, then moved to wheres my sex? and now its a tie between hang on and ruling me..... i think it is gonna stay that way
Ruling Me
Brave New World

Can't choose between those 4.
Smart girls is amazing. Rivers was awesome as always.
Upon the first few spins, "ruling me", "trainwrecks", "unspoken", "hang on" and "smart girls" were instant faves. although a lot may disagree, "where's my sex?" is absolute genius hahaha :D "run away" reeks with so much melancholy, it's irresistible. i'm starting to appreciate "time flies" because it reminds me of Big Star's "india song", check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYDnTa3dqJY
Trainwrecks is incredible.

Smart Girls is Incredible.

Time Flies is incredible.
Unspoken is great,,,,love the buildup
are you saying buddy holly and the sweater song arnt silly my friend O.o????
Memories and Smart Girls and Time Flies
The sound my computer's recycle bin made when I emptied it of this album.
The Sweater Song is about depression...so no, it isn't silly.
Awesome....I find it funny how many people love the songs that I like the least...Smart Girls?? really?? Trainwrecks??

I can listen to them, but sometimes I skip right on by....

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