Just out of curiosity! Haha.

Mine are:

Blue - My Name Is Jonas

Pinkerton - El Scorcho/Why Bother?/Butterfly (Three way tie. Haha.)

Green - O Girlfriend

Maladroit - Death And Destruction

MB - Hold Me

Red - Pork and Beans/The Angel and The One

Raditude - Put Me Back Together

Hurley - Unspoken

DTFM - Unbreak My Heart

Tell me what you think, or if you agree/disagree. Haha.

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Blue - Say It Ain't So
Pinkerton - Across The Sea
Green - Simple Pages
Maladroit - Dope Nose
Make Believe - Perfect Situation
Red - Pork and Beans
Raditude - The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World
Hurley - Hang On
DTFM - Blowin' My Stack

Blue - Say It Ain't So

Pinkerton - Tire of Sex

Green - Island in the Sun

Maladroit - Take Control

Make Believe - Perfect Situation

Red - King

Raditude - Trippin' Down the Freeway

Hurley - Unspoken

DTFM - I'm a Robot

Blue - Say It Ain't So

Pinkerton - El Scorcho

Green- Island In The Sun/Hash Pipe

Maladroit - Burndt Jamb

Make Believe - Haunt You Every Day

Red - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Raditude - Tripin' Down The Freeway

Hurley - Run Away

DTFM - Blowin My Stack/Unbreak My Heart




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