I know this has been done many times before, but it hasn't been done recently and I just wanna see what people say.

Blue - "Say It Ain't So" / Undone (The Sweater Song)

Pinkerton - "The Good Life" / "Pink Triangle"

Green - "Island In The Sun"

Maladroit - "Death and Destruction" / "Living Without You" (even though its only on the UK and Japanese version)

Make Believe - "Perfect Situation" / "Hold Me"

Red - "Pork and Beans" / "The Angel and The One"

Raditude - "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"

Hurley - "Unspoken"

Death To False Metal - " Blowin' My Stack"

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Haha, you're questioning his musical appreciation?! You haven't even listened to Red!

Stevenson Alderworst (just came) said:

sorry, my comment was rude.  But, yes you have many singles in your list, and it makes me question your musical appreciation. And here is my list:

my name is jonas

no other one


keep fishin

the other way/haunt you everyday

(haven't listened to red enough)

love is the answer

time flies

(haven't listened)


El Scorcho

Don't Let Go

Burndt Jamb

The Other Way


Trippin' Down The Freeway

Ruling Me

Turning Up The Radio

Blue: "No One Else"

Pinkerton: "Pink Triangle"

Green: "Island In The Sun"

Maladroit: "Slave"

Make Believe: "This Is Such A Pity"

Red: "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived"

Raditude: "Trippin' Down The Freeway"

Hurley: "Unspoken"

Death To False Metal: "Turning Up The Radio"

Blue - Only in Dreams / The Sweater Song

Pinkerton - Across the Sea

Green - Island in the Sun

Maladroit - Burndt Jamb

Make Believe - Perfect Situation

Red - The Greatest Man That Ever Live / Miss Sweeney / The Spider

Raditude - Put Me Back Together / I Don't Want to Let You Go

Hurley - Trainwrecks

Death to False Metal - Losing My Mind

My turn, but no easy task…

B- In The Garage

P- The Good Life

G- Glorious Day

M- Slob

MB- Perfect Situation

R- The Greatest Man/Miss Sweeney

Rad- I Don’t Want To Let You Go

H- Hang On

D- Turning Up The Radio

Blue - Buddy Holly

Pinkerton - Tired of Sex

Green - O Girlfriend

Maladroit - Love Explosion

Make Believe - Damage In Your Heart

Red - Miss Sweeney (deluxe) / The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (regular)

Raditude - Underdogs (deluxe) / I'm Your Daddy (regular)

Hurley - Ruling Me (reg/deluxe)

Death To False Metal - Unbreak My Heart

say it aint so or jonas
across the sea ( even though a teenage girl sounds weird singing it in public T.T)
Island in the Sun or O girlfriend
Perfect Situation
Greatest Man
Let it all hang out
Turning up the Radio

Hugh, you asked everyone their favorite "song" from each album and then listed multiple songs for each album for your favorites. I thought that was kind of funny.  Here's mine:

Only In Dreams

Tired of Sex

Glorious Day


Freak Me Out

Angel and the One

Don't Want To Let You Go


Blowin' My Stack

the world has turned

el scorcho

simple pages


damage in your heart

the angel and the one (ms. sweeney actually if it counts)

want you to (only because everything else is so awful )

brave new world


I don't have any "set in stone favorites"except for maybe 2 but today I'm feeling...

Blue- Only In Dreams

Pinkerton- Across the Sea

Green- Island in the Sun

Maladriot- December

Make Believe- Perfect Situation

Red- Angel and the One

Raditude- I Don't Want to Let You Go

Hurley- Unspoken

Death to False Metal- I Don't Want your Loving

Blue: In the Garage

Pinkerton:El Scorcho but Falling for you is a very close second

Green: Island in the sun


Make Believe: This is such a pity

Red: Miss sweeney

Ratitude: Put me back together

Hurley: Unspoken

Death to False Metal: Trampoline

Blue: My Name is Jonas / Say it Ain't So

Pinkerton: El Scorcho / No Other One

Green: Island in the Sun

Maladroit: Burndt Jamb

Make Believe: Perfect Situation

Red: Greatest Man / The Angel and the One

Raditude: Let it All Hang Out / Put Me Back Together

Hurley: Ruling Me

Death to False Metal: Turning Up the Radio

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