I know this has been done many times before, but it hasn't been done recently and I just wanna see what people say.

Blue - "Say It Ain't So" / Undone (The Sweater Song)

Pinkerton - "The Good Life" / "Pink Triangle"

Green - "Island In The Sun"

Maladroit - "Death and Destruction" / "Living Without You" (even though its only on the UK and Japanese version)

Make Believe - "Perfect Situation" / "Hold Me"

Red - "Pork and Beans" / "The Angel and The One"

Raditude - "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"

Hurley - "Unspoken"

Death To False Metal - " Blowin' My Stack"

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Single Single single.... too many singles in yo list. But anyway....

Across the sea
Hold me
Greatest man
Let it all hang out
Brave new world
Blowin my stack

Uuuummmm not really, just because most of them are singles off albums doesn't mean that I don't really relate to them and that they're not all important, Weezer have been my favorite band for over 2 and a half years, I have heard all of there music and from it I have chosen my favorites, it doesn't mean that I don't still love all the classics like "Only In Dreams" and "Tragic Girl" just because I prefer Green instead of Blue and Pinkerton like all the die-hard fans doesn't mean that my opinions are wrong. This is just my opinion and you can't have a go at me for saying what I like, some people on Weezer forums are just so ridiculous.

Stevenson Alderworst said:

your favourite weezer songs are really cliche. you must not be listening with your heart, and only your intellect otherwise this would not be your list. you should be slapped at least for being cliche

Only In Dreams
Across The Sea/Falling For You
Hash Pipe
This Is Such A Pity
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
I Want You To
Where's My Sex
Blowin My Stack

Where's your list Alderworst?

sorry, my comment was rude.  But, yes you have many singles in your list, and it makes me question your musical appreciation. And here is my list:

my name is jonas

no other one


keep fishin

the other way/haunt you everyday

(haven't listened to red enough)

love is the answer

time flies

(haven't listened)

Nice List! Here's Mine

Blue: The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

Pinkerton: Across The Sea

Green: Glorious Day

Maladroit: Take Control

Make Believe: Peace

Red: The Angel and the one or Miss Sweeny

Raditude:Put me back together

Hurley: Brave New World

Death To False Metal: Losing My Mind
:) =w=

Blue: Holiday

Pink: No Other One

Green: Smile

Maladroit: American Gigolo

Make Believe: The Other Way

Red: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Rad: Trippin' Down the Freeway

Hurley: Time Flies

Death to False Metal: Turnin' Up the Radio

Hmmm. Always like picking favorite children haha

Blue: Only In Dreams

Pinkerton: Across the Sea/Butterfly (I can't choose)

Green: Photograph

Maladroit: December

Make Believe: The Other Way

Red: Miss Sweeney

Raditude: If you're Wondering...

Hurley: Ruling Me

Death to False Metal: Trampoline

Some tough choices here! ^-^


Blue: Jonas

Pinkerton: Across the Sea...I think. But El Scorcho has a special place to me, so hard to choose!

Green: Smile

Maladroit: December

Make Believe: Hold Me

Red: King. And Miss Sweeney.

Raditude: Trippin

Hurley: Unspoken

DTFM: I...actually don't know. Hard to choose. Maybe I'm a Robot bc it's a bit silly/fun.

For me, it looks a little something like this...

Blue: Say It Ain't So or Only In Dreams

Pinkerton: The Good Life

Green: Photograph

Maladroit: Keep Fishin'

Make Believe: Peace

Red: Miss Sweeney or King

Raditude: I Don't Want To Let You Go

Hurley: I Want To Be Something

Death to False Metal: Blowin' My Stack


Blue- Only in Dreams

Pinkerton- Butterfly/Pink Triangle

Green- Photograph/Island in the Sun

Maladroit- Space Rock/Slob

Make Believe- Perfect Situation/Hold Me 

Red- The Angel and the One

Raditude- Put Me Back Together/ I Want You To

Hurley- Unspoken/Hang On 

Death To False Metal- Autopilot/Blowin' My Stack 

The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
Across The Sea/Falling For You
Simple Pages

Don't know the other albums well enough but I love Death To False Metal. Some great songs on that album.

Blue - Only in Dreams or Say It Ain't So (can't decide)

Pinkerton - Falling For You

Green - Hash Pipe

Maladroit - Keep Fishin'

Make Believe - Haunt You Every Day or Perfect Situation 

Red - Cold Dark World or Miss Sweeney

Raditude - Put Me Back Together

Hurley - Memories

Death to False Metal - Odd Couple or Losing My Mind

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