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Just wondering what your favorite Pinkerton song is. You have one choice. My choice is No Other One.

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El Scorcho or The Good Life
The Good Life, Pink Triangle, El Scorcho, or Tired of Sex
No Other One
I think I agree with Crackerjack, too hard to pick just one!
Across The Sea
El Scorcho! Which is also my Fave song of all time !
my choice is eithor pink trianlge, el scorcho, or the goodlife. but i think im going to root for pink triangle
No Other One.

It was my least favorite before, but it's grown on me. It took me a long time to appreciate it.
No Other One
probably why bother? but it's really impossible to choose...
this is the toughest question. every song is a masterpiece. if i had to pick the songs i listen to most, i'd have to pick across the sea, the good life, el scorcho, falling for you and butterfly...

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