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Just wondering what your favorite Pinkerton song is. You have one choice. My choice is No Other One.

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true dat my man

CrackerJack said:
1)The Good Life
2)Across The Sea
3)Pink triangle
4)No other one
6)El scorcho
7)Falling For you
7)Why bother(tie lol'd)
9)Tired Of Sex

All are masterpieces
Tired of Sex, So kicking ass!
across the sea
cold dark world
i don't want to choose.
but probably "across the sea"..i think it's always been my favorite, deep down.
but i also love "butterfly" and "falling for you"
the whole c.d is amazing and is my favorite album ever
"Fall Together"
Across the Sea.
you really can't pick just one song. i'd have to go with across the sea or butterfly though if i really HAD to pick one song.

runnersdialzero said:
"Fall Together"
It's hard to pick one song, but if you held a gun to my face, I'd pick Across the Sea. That's just kind of been my song since I rediscovered the album in high school.
Falling for You/ Tired of Sex
Pretty tough decision. I'm going to have to go with Across the Sea. The song is nothing short of beautiful and gets better with every listen. I intensely love the entire album though as well as the b-side/SFTBH songs related to it. Makes me pray that the Memories tour will get a Canadian date. Being born too late prevented me from hearing Weezer live before Green.

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