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Just wondering what your favorite Pinkerton song is. You have one choice. My choice is No Other One.

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tired of sex is so awesome, but el scorcho is so coool, idk.
Butterfly - I love the `less is more' effect of this song
Across the Sea. That has been my favorite song for so, so long; there's just something about it.
Pink Triangle easily
the other 9 tracks are tied at 2nd
Across The Sea
The good life or tired of sex ... No no wait mabe why bother idk I like them all
Falling For You or El Scorcho
Why Bother or El Scorcho. Love em.
With 10 amazing tracks it's tough to pick. All weezer fan's go through periods of really digging a particular song, only to have it slowly fade into another. This usually happens when the emotion of our lives is perfectly captured in song, as if written to our lives. For me this has repeated itself countless times since '96. Being only fourteen I knew even then the beauty & honesty in Pinkerton was something that would never be equalled. **anyway....I choose ''Tired Of Sex'' one of my all-time favorite RC vocal/lyrics. The guitars & bass are incredible, & the drums/guitar solo are the stuff of a musicians wet dream.
You and me and a whole bunch of other people, friend. This decade of Weezer has been so bizarre/distressing.

But anyway, to answer the question:

Across The Sea/Falling For You

Daniel Butler said:

Abby said:
It is utterly impossible to pick my favorite song off Pinkerton! I can't even rank the songs in order ffrom favorite to least favorite. It feels like having to pick which child is my favorite....

Maybe Across the Sea, Why Bother, Falling For You or El Scorcho. But now I am struggling because I left No Other One, Pink Triangle, Butterfly, Good Life and Tired of Sex off that list.

I wish weezer were still like they used to be
Tired of Sex
across the sea or pink triangle <3

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