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Just wondering what your favorite Pinkerton song is. You have one choice. My choice is No Other One.

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The Good Life
Pink Triangle
Across The Sea
El Scorcho

I'd probably have to choose out of those D:
Falling For You
The Good Life
The Good Life or Why Bother. Tough to pick one.
I like No Other One because it's quite jagged. It's a unique sound. I miss Pinkerton Style Weezer.
Across the Sea
Across The Sea
Tie: The Good Life and El Scorcho
I've been learning Why Bother (acoustic) after finding the AOL sessions acoustic version on YouTube.
The Badass Brian Bell rocks it vocally and on the strings. The solo is pretty nice too, album and live.

It's my fave at the moment. It's really pushy and up tempo, yet at the same time a sad ode to insecurity.
Great guitar work, as usual. Can't wait to play it out on the street and shout it like the Badass.
Across the Sea or el scorcho
The Good Life.
Across The Sea

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