Some sad day
They'll be taking me away
But I won't be dead
'Cos even when I'm gone
This stupid damn song
Will be in your head

I'll be looking down with a twinkle in my eyes

Time Flies

One of many

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I agree. I'll choose a favorite lyric from each song.

Memories: "Back when Audioslave was still rage / Watching all the freaky Dutch kids vomit then have sex!"

Ruling Me: "We first met in the lunch room / My ocular nerve went pop zoom"

Trainwrecks: "Someday we'll cut our critics down to size"

Unspoken: "And I hate what you do when your poison seeps through / And you're laughing at me"

Where's My Sex: "Going back to the caveman days / They were walking around in a haze / Until they figured it out / And they said "Gosh, dang! This is great!"

Run Away: "When I'm looking at the night sky I can see my soul / I see the little lights flashing at each other up above"

Hang On: "I know the words to say to draw you in so close to me"

Smart Girls: "Lisa, Brittany, Paula, Whitney / Which one do I want here with me?"

Brave New World: "You can come along with me / Or if that's not your destiny / You can choose to go your way if you want"

Time Flies: "Cause even when I'm dead / This stupid damn song will be in your head / I'll be looking down with a twinkle in my eyes"
hands down in ruling me:

"we first met in the lunch room. my ocular nerve went pop, zoom.

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