For me it would have to be the Axe Music One Night Only on Youtube, no matter what I keep coming back to it when I want to hear them at their best. You guys?

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When I saw them play at Brixton in 2011 it was the best concert of my life and absolutely amazing! but I would have to say Lupos in 2000 or Dortmund in 2001 because Mikey's falsetto is amazing at that show, he adds loads of it to the new song and his bass riffs really shine.

I agree Lupos and Dortmund are both great, even though I don't necessarily like all the songs they play. I think 1996 at the Electric Factory, Philadelphia may be the best thing on YouTube.

the axe show is one of my favorites too, the energy of the crowd and the band were both peaking.  i loved that My Chemical Romance came out as a surprise.  Being that it was kind of the Hurley Record Release Party, it would have been really cool to hear a few more hurley songs live though!

The main reason why I'm not too keen on the Axe show is because Rivers barely played guitar and for me it just doesn't feel like Weezer when Pat is playing guitar and Rivers is just singing, especially on the older songs. The performance is generally good, but they muck up the words in "Troublemaker" at one point :P

Austin 06/07/2011

Fantastic setlist and amazing performance. Aside from Hash Pipe there were no hits allowed. Premiere of Longtime Sunshine and the first time Rivers played the guitar solo of Falling For You (not counting in Vegas for the two-album show). That was an incredibly special show for me. Rivers climbing on Stubbs' roof and singing Greatest Man was absolute insanity. It was the only time I've felt that the Rivers+Pat guitar combo really worked. After that things got really sloppy. But this, for me, was the peak of their time with Josh. 

Weezer Cruise, Indoor show-night 2. The set list was amazing for me. The band sounded really great, and it was the first time I heard Greatest Man live. It seemed they would play it at the shows I did not attended, ha.

- Live at the Molsen Ampitheater in Ontario, Canada (07.14.2002)

- Live at AmSouth Ampitheater, Antioch, Tennessee (07.30.2002)

- Live at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey (10.14.2005)

- Live at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois (10.02.2008)

- Live at the Rave-Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (12.03.2009)

- Live at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, Texas (06.07.2011)

- Live at Doheny Days in Dana Point, California (09.11)

- Live at Riotfest Congress Theater in Chicago, Illinois (10.09.11)

- Live on the Weezer Cruise (All three shows, 2012)

note that the title is singular. favorite show.

Chicago Memories Tour - Pinkerton Night (1/8/11)... hands down, the undeniable emotion in that room... when it was over, those of us in the front turned to each other & said, ok, we can die now.... truly, truly amazing vibe....

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