similar to the favorite pinkerton song thread. what is your favorite Green Album song? just one. mine would have to be Knock Down Drag Out

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Tired of Sex
oh sorry, this was in fact so similar to the favorite pinkerton song thread that i got mixed up.

Glorious Day
Hash Pipe is my feel good jam. And one of the few songs on that album that don't all sound the same.
Knock Down Drag Out, for sure. Well, maybe not for sure. Don't Let Go is a very solid track too.
Don't Let Go
I go back and forth between Simple Pages and Hash Pipe.
When ever i think about the green album i always tend to think of the 2000 weezer summer songs. I feel that any of those songs from the summer before were my favorites, dose that count?
"Hash Pipe" is the money tune that keeps the Green album from seeming entirely phoned feels like the "odd man out" on that record.

But my favorite melody on the album is "Smile".
O Girlfriend / Island In The Sun

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