I'm sure there probably already was a thread about and or like this but ah whatever ill proceed on regardless. But what I'm trying to say is that back a couple months ago when Mikey Walsh passed away (R.I.P)  it made me realize when i listen to Weezer there was more than one bassist, sometimes I'm not really thinking about it, but to make a long story short who is your favorite bassist? Me personally I find it hard because I have massive respect for all three, but for some reason the bass-line in "Only Than Dreams" like brings me in or something so I'm kinda leaning toward Matt Sharp, but on the other hand I very much love Maladroit, so I'm torn. I think all Weezer fans respect the time each bassist has served, what each bassist has done for Weezer and the music they have made on whatever album, but who is your favorite bassist?    

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Hurley barely has any input from the other members and it sure doesn't sound like a Weezer album. The same can be said about Raditude. I agree with Allison about Weezer being about more than just Rivers. The Weezer sound has more to do with Pat and Brian than you give them credit for, Travis.

Travis Andrew Lang said:

personality... I've seen tons upon tons of interviews with these guys. they are all pretty bland (Pat has his funny moments). Besides, personality has nothing to do with how well you can play your instrument. unless the member has anything to do with the song itself. Weezer will always sound like Weezer as long as Rivers is still the writer.

Gohi said:

Hurley baerley 

Listened to King today and I am going to say Scott, because his vocals on that are cool.  He pulled that off.

Mikey, followed closely by Matt.

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