Ok guys we all agree that Weezer is one of the best bands ever but who is your favorit member? I like Rivers alot because i love his singing voice. I've never heard a voice like his, its so original,it's very alive. It pops when it needs to but i can also be so mellow. like my favorit example of that is "Undone(The SweaterSong)" the verses are really mellow and soft then the corus is so heavy, especially during the last corus where he screams "I've come Udoooooooooooooooone" its just an imgredible tune and he has some sick pipes. But thats just my opinion who is your favorit member?

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Except Matt Sharp..


  1. He Is CUTE !
  2. High pitchdd voice
  3. He lookd good ass Buddy Holly
  4. i like how he does a loong ass yell ! not even I could pull that off !

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