Hey guys,
obviously this is my first post, and I wanted to say first of all that I am really digging Hurley. I first became a Weezer fan in about 2007. I remember when I was about 15, my friend made me a copy of Make Believe. I had no idea who those guys were, but I listened to the cd for a few weeks until I lost it. I wasn't in touch with that friend anymore, so I didn't really think about it again. It really was the passion of the fans that got me interested in Weezer. I was on Spin.com, reading about Oasis (a truly awesome band) when I started reading about Rivers, Blue, Pinkerton, the break, Green etc. I had to know more. Since then, it's been a growing love. I actually really liked Raditude, but Hurley has really just outdone Raditude. I obviously love the first two albums the best, but I really do like these later ones too. 
Anyways, to end, I'm going to see Weezer for the first time in New Orleans at Voodoo Fest. I'm so excited to see them finally.

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they'll blow your mind.
it made me feel old to read this.

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