i'm having a weird day.


then i made a thread and accidentally deleted it. so i'm making a new, different kind of thread. this one is much better, imo. AH YEAH.


and the thing i'm cooking for tea looks weird. so, yeah :/


anyway, 'sup, citizens of ATNW? tell me how your day is going/not going.


and if you want to post a picture, that would be most appreciated. here's a picture i took on bonfire night.




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a lot of studying today.
here is a pic i snapped of the Washington Monument during this years cherry blossom festival. hope your day gets less weird....or more weird (but in a good way!)


too soon

mynameisjonus said:
I broke my leg, here's a picture:

Also, what's for dinner?
chicken and tomato pasta bake!

looked weird, tasted good :D

mynameisjonus said:
I enjoyed the fact that in order to find that picture I googled obiblue12345

Also, what was the odd looking dinner???

berry rydell said:

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