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No, but really. Where does it rank on everybody else's lists of best non-album tracks and demos?

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This song is by far one of my favorite weezer songs. I sang it with a buddy a capella at an open mic on weezer's birthday this year.
very highly i think this is decent
Definitely appreciate this great tune.  I also really really like Lullaby.
Appreciated indeed!
This is in my top 20's.

definitely ranks up there for me


awesome for sure. =w=

This is a perfect example for rivers of a good song that he's written after pinkerton.

Poetic/meaningful lyrics, and beautiful melody, nice music, it could use a bit more energy ( it is a demo though so it's all goodz).... It's just a swell song.

I appreciate this song!!!

"Little one, you have done, all you could to keep me in your arms. but I watch as you choke on your tears."

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