good morning, atnw. how is life treating you this fine day?


it's a bank holiday weekend in the UK this weekend so: UK people, what amazing bank holiday activities do you have lined up? non-UK people: whatchoo doin', too?


i have no plans at the moment. that's NUTHIN' - big fat z-e-r-o. maybe a bbq is the weather is good. mostly, i gotta stay in and work so i hope someone, somewhere can do something fun on my behalf




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I'm seeing Morris Day and The Time at the MN state fair tonight probabry
School shopping vocal lessions aaannnd that about it start my junior year monday
Btw berry I <3 your screen name!

then you have good taste, pinecone ;)


pinecone said:

Btw berry I <3 your screen name!
mmm toffee apples

brofessefef said:




Saturday:  No proper plans - will do some sparring in the morning, maybe a bbq if the weather permits.  Maybe hit the rum in the evening.


Sunday:  No plans again - maybe see some family and chill.  I'm feeling a big Sunday roast coming on...


Monday bank holiday spectacular:  Where i live the council have organised a RAYLEIGH FAMILY FUN DAY!  Which is essentially a free event for kids, with bouncy castles and other associated things for kids to injure themselves on in the park.  So I'll probably be there, hoping they'll let me on a bouncy castle.  Or give me a toffee apple.  A free one.


what is a bank holiday?  Does the one on monday follow with a certain tradition?  or are they just random?


I'll be doing yard work at my grandmother's to help her prep her house for sale then I've got a date.

Saturday, I'm attending/participating in/planning my friends wedding.  He asked me to do all this on Wednesday of this week, with the wedding only 3 days away.

Sunday, golfing 18 holes

Yes, here in the States we have caramel apples, sometimes with chopped nuts or other assorted s*** on them. Toffee apples sound amazing though..

As for me, tonight I'm taking the kid to Kangaroo Zoo, which is basically a giant warehouse full of bouncy houses and slides. 

Tomorrow, going swimming, then on a date with the hubby.

Sunday, my in-laws may come visit. I'm praying they don't as my mother-in-law pretty much hates me. Good times.

Next weekend is a holiday here in the States, ironically called Labor Day, but everyone (well most people anyway) get the day off. 

brofessefef said:

Ah yeah.


Also, I saw an American programme on Food Network the other day called Kid in a Candy Store (or something like that.)  They were talking about caramel apples - using granny smiths and coating them in caramel rather than toffee then adding other assorted flavours.  Looked awesome.

friday - uni work

saturday - uni work, family meal, uni work

sunday - uni work, pub, uniwork?

monday - uni work


not happy 

I thought it was Thursday until  I saw this thread.


Today: Read "The Girl Who Played With Fire" 

Saturday: No plans

Sunday: Toronto Fan Expo 

Today: Took the day off to run some errands, main one being getting a replacement Drivers lisence.

Tonight: Date, she so wants me

Saturday: get home, sleep some more. Go shopping to pick up some supplies just in case the hurricane really is that bad

Sunday: I was supposed to fly to Florida for a few days. Probably not going happen now. But I'll have plenty of cigarettes and alchohol to keep me occupied.

I want a toffee apple!


Today: clean house.


Tomorrow: bake goodies with kiddo, clean house.


Sunday: Beach ( weather permitting), clean house.

Tonight:  spend some time outdoors, swim, catch up on some tv

Tomorrow:  watch kid play football...dare I say s*****, get some s*** done around the house, watch Blondie on Guitar Center Sessions

Sunday:  no plans yet


And, Spaz...

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