I think next tour there needs to be Angel and the One in the encore. 

It would be so amazing and would give that real surprise feeling with extra cheering since its never been played live (I think) yet many fans seem to love love love this song. There has got to be lights, fog, maybe lazer effects. I imagined what it would be like and I forgot to breath for a second becaue it was so beautiful. OK, now that I have shared I know this image will be shattered. Let the rock throwing begin......

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its one of the best weezer songs, totally agree.
since it's the same progression over and over, they could really draw it out and make a great build up.  A whole tour should be devoted to the ignored Red and Raditude songs
I think it's a pretty song.  No rocks from me.  What's the line?  You are the angle and I'm the one that's praying?  Something like that.  I think that's beautiful.  One of my favorites.
It's definetly one of Weezer's best song.

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:
A whole tour should be devoted to the ignored Red and Raditude songs
Imagine if they closed their regular set with it, and left in the airy instrumental outro playing over the PA before they return to play the enchore.
i hope that they play angel and the one on the CRUISE

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