well, its finally here.  Election day.  so how are you voting for?

I cast my ballot for Pinkerton, which is by far the more leftist choice.  lesbians and such

DTFM is the other far to the right choice.  driving around in sports cars, ect.

cast your vote now!

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DTFM...only if because the Pinkertons usually grow up and become DTFMs.
Apples and oranges
American Idiot
just goes to show you what we're dealing with here. people can't make a simple choice. lol. this was a fun thread.

j-biebs said:
yeah ok, dude's not asking you to compare the two. pick an apple or an orange, for f***'s sake.

Radioactive said:
Apples and oranges
Obvious answer is LOL-tastically obvious.

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