Ever since the Rock Band multitracks got out for "El Scorcho" (and even before), I've wondered who sang the bridge section. One track is Brian, as he also sings it live, but someone else doubles him on the studio recording. It really doesn't sound anything like Matt, nor does it sound like Brian doubling himself (which also never occurs elsewhere on Pinkerton). Here's a clip of the vocal isolated (thanks to A6 gentleman Fleafly for the upload):


Any of you kids who were there during the recording (Pat? Karl?) happen to remember? Or any educated guesses out there?

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Scott.  Obviously.

my guess is a random engineer or buddy that happened to be around that day

It's not Pat. Have you folks ever heard Pat sing?


It's definitely not Pat. Maybe it's Karl.

It doesn't really sound like Karl, it could be Adam Orth because he played bass on "Tragic Girl" and he also said that helped them out on Pinkerton, or they could have gotten a sound engineer for example to help them out and come sing one part.

Also is there any way that you can get the other isolated tracks from the other Weezer songs that are on Rock Band? :)

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