For my high school guitar class I have to play a song of my choice in front of the class. I chose El Scorcho, and I need to perform in a week. I chose this song without thinking much and without realizing that the tune is quite repetitive and boring without vocals/drums/bass. I was wondering if anyone on here knows of any cool chords or notes or whatever that I could play in the song, in addition to the riff played during the verses and chorus, the bridge, and the short solo thing. 

Obviously I am a total music noob, and would love some assistance.


This guy on youtube plays some chords during the chorus, maybe something similar to that? 


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Stefan, you must post yourself.  I put up a video of me playing "Freak Me Out", and I biffed quite a few times. Do it! Do it! Do it!

good luck with the song.  I'm terrible at picking strings, like what is done in El Scorcho, so I wish you well

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