For my high school guitar class I have to play a song of my choice in front of the class. I chose El Scorcho, and I need to perform in a week. I chose this song without thinking much and without realizing that the tune is quite repetitive and boring without vocals/drums/bass. I was wondering if anyone on here knows of any cool chords or notes or whatever that I could play in the song, in addition to the riff played during the verses and chorus, the bridge, and the short solo thing. 

Obviously I am a total music noob, and would love some assistance.


This guy on youtube plays some chords during the chorus, maybe something similar to that? 


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First off, is there any way to change your song?
Secondly, are you planning on playing it in the same key as the song is normally?

It's a bit too late to change songs.


I'll probably be playing in standard tuning. I can tune it down if I have to. 

A year an a quarter of great grades in the class and you have barely learndt a thing. 


by now, i would assume that you wouldve learndt the jamb



starting from scratch.



Verse- find a tab that begins the riff on the 5th fret on the 6th string


Chorus- a half measure of an A major chord followed by D major in the second half and repeat twice. then play half measure of A major and half measure of E major. next play half measure of A major and a half measure of D major twice followed by the A and the E once again. The final measure in the chorus consist of a half measure of A major and two quarter measures of D7 and C7.


Bridge- measure of A major, measure of D major, measure of B minor, and a measure of E major. repeat until solo.


Solo- find a tab or solo in the key of A major.



Good luck with your performance Stefan.

Record the performance and post it for us, Stefan.

Thanks br0 and thanks Danielle.

Placemats: only if I become prez of earth 

I play this with my band all the time. Arpeggiate every other time off of the major chord. SO, it varies it up a little bit. Then the "How stupid is it?" part is double time and the power chords are...Ab, C#, Bb, Eb....i think at least. Don't have a guitar in front of me right now so sorry if thats wrong.

Point is, throw in some major chords instead of the arpeggiated riff

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